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X3 = eXtra 3rd hatch, conveniently located just behind the cockpit with a separate bulkhead, allows safe, dry storage for all the small items you need on a day's paddle or a week's excursion.


Flares, marine radio, lunch or sweater all fit neatly together in one easily accessible compartment. Seaward's Quest X3 is a nimble performer in surf, wind or severe waves.


With its low deck profile, recessed deck fittings, long waterline, and over 200 liters of storage space the Quest X3 will easily take you on those expeditions you have only dreamt of...until now!


Standard Features

Molded Padded Seat and Backrest
Rudder Stay-With-Tie-Down
Smart Rudder System
Waterproof Cockpit Cover
Recessed Deck Fittings
Seadog Foot Pedals
Fiberglass Outside Seams
Dual Fiberglass Hatches
Fiberglass Bulk Heads
3/32 S Rudder Cables
UHMW Keel Guard
Thigh Brace Pads

Day Hatch

Safety Features

Self Rescue System (SRS™ )
Safe Hatch System




19' 22.5" 14.5" 32"L x 16"W x 13.5"D Vol: 79 ltrs
Hatch Opening
14"L x 8.5"W
Vol: 36 ltrs
Hatch Opening
Vol: 91 ltrs
Hatch Opening
16"L x 10.5"W
204 ltrs 59 LBS.


Seaward Fibreglass kayaks are customizable with 19 colors* to choose from for the deck, deck fade, hull, seam, hatches and coaming.


ice white
signal yellow burnt orange
mandarin red fuschia burgundy navy blue
cyan light blue light teal teal aqua
dark grey black  




Testimonials about the Quest X3
"Thank you for manufacturing and shipping my Quest X3 kayak within the time frame both yourself and your dealer, had promised. I really had my doubts whether it could be done. The X3 is everything I was looking for in a new kayak - quality of craftsmanship, with a blend of Greenland, and North American design. It is extremely maneuverable for a kayak of this length, fast, good carrying/tripping capacity and the most responsive rudder system that I have ever experienced. SUPERB!" ~ William Lanning, Ontario, Canada
"During the summer of 2004, I paddled a Kevlar Quest X3 along 1200 miles of Alaska and British Columbia coastline on my solo journey to Seattle, WA. The Quest performed excellent in 12 foot waves, gale force winds, and endured several rocky landings per day. My Quest is in great condition, and I am anxiously awaiting my next expedition with it. " ~ John Peaveler
"What a great boat. I had my doubts about the third hatch at first but after loading up my Quest X3 with food and supplies for 30 days on the central coast of BC I changed my mind. The third hatch is big enough to hold all the essentials for a days paddling plus 10 Litres + of fresh water. This arrangement has several advantages, in that it keeps the weight close to the center of the boat; should the fresh water container leak a little the rest of your stuff stays dry and your lunch supplies are always handy (you don't have to undo your spare paddle & open up the hatch covers just to get a snack). The boat tracks well and only requires moderate edging to handle even severe quartering conditions. The rubber is a nice feature for those days when your course quarters wind and waves all day and you need a rest from edging. Seawards smart rudder system is a great combination allowing precise input to make small course corrections at the same time maintaining a solid brace on the pedals. Rough weather handling felt effortless with a loaded boat in two meter seas with a moderate chop. In fact, the rougher it got the better the boat seemed to like it. I would recommend the Quest X3 to any paddler intermediate or above who is looking for an ocean capable expedition kayak. " ~ Ian Humphrey
"Hello to the good people of Seaward, I would like to thank all of you at Seaward for making spectacular boats! Give yourselves a big hearty pat on the back for me. I used one of your Quest models for a solo trip down the the Oregon coast from Astoria to Brookings this summer and it performed wonderfully. (see youtube \"oregon coast kayaker\") I did break apart the front hatch, but that was completely the fault of the massive wave that hit it and me of course, no fault to Seaward. I had a few harrowing moments that, had I been in a lesser boat, may have ended differently. I felt a pride in my boat and a sense of safety that I have not felt in a boat before. I\'ve been a long time kayak guide on Kauai\'s Na\'Pali coast, paddling plastic boats. Now I cringe at the thought of getting back in one of those. Anyway, you\'ve spoiled me rotten. " ~ Hayden Peters-Portland, OR
"Dear Seaward, Last year, about October of '09, I was on the manhunt for a kayak. My goal was to buy something that would be comfortable at my level of paddling while still offering a good amount of room for growth. Through my search I found a used Seaward Quest X3; and I bought it. I paddled it several times right away, quickly realizing the room it gave me to grow, but slowly I began to get a grip & begin to control the boat. The relationship was solidified on a trip to Northern California in high seas and wind and rain, and w/a full storage capacity. Just wanted to write a note saying thanks for building such a great boat. Hours of rejuvinating paddling has been the result of your labor, with many moe to come." ~ James Moore
"My name is Angelo Wilkie-Page founder of Expedition 720 Degrees a human powered circumnavigation around the the globe. In July 2015 I started looking at kayaking manufacturers around the world with whom I could develop a boat for my 3400 km Kayaking leg From Fairbanks, Alaska - Morkovo, Russia. A friend from South Africa recommended Seaward Kayaks after completing the Yukon 1000 in a G3. I immediately had a positive response from the team at Seaward. I needed a boat that was fast, durable and could carry a lot of gear and supplies as I would be solo down the Tanana and Yukon river and the bering sea coast line. I opted for the Quest X3 for this 1600 km portion. I have experience paddling on rivers as well as on surf skis. The Quest X3 exceeded my expectations both on the rivers and in the sea. When kayaking solo it is extremely important to have confidence in your equipment, I felt a great sense of safety in the Quest X3. Some features that I most enjoyed. 1. The 3rd hatch or dry day hatch was very convenient for food storage, camera equipment, electronics and safety equipment easily accessed behind the cockpit. 2. The 184L of storage was more than sufficient. Even in the roughest conditions or when tipping the boat. The bow and stern hatches held out remarkably well letting in little to no water. The hatches are well designed making them easy to access and close. I love that they are flush with the deck. The only issue I had with the hatches was a bear breaking the front hatch open but I suppose I cant expect a bear proof boat! 3. The rudder system is extremely responsive and got me out of some sticky situations. There were times when I would forget to pull the rudder up when landing on the shore, fortunately the rudder housing is very strong and forgiving. 4. I had some sharp rocky landings on the bering sea coast and I was very impressed how strong the hull held out considering how loaded the boat was. My boat never had the kevlar hull and fortunately I did not need it. I would recommend getting the extra kevlar for lower rivers or rocky terrain. As I write this review Seaward are building a custom Passat G3 for my bering strait crossing. I would have been happy using my Quest X3 but I need the extra two feet of storage as I will be in an even more remote region with fewer places to resupply. I cant wait for the G3! One last point that has nothing to do with the boats. The team at seaward are professional and very helpful, with responsive communication no matter where in the world you are. I often have skype calls discussing manufacturing details. I have challenging logistical requirements that have been met every time. Thank you to the entire team at Seaward for both your exceptional service and boat building skills. Angelo Wilkie-Page Founder of Expedition 720 Degrees www.expedition720degrees.com " ~ Angelo Wilkie-Page
"I am writing to let you know I just finished the Race to Alaska in a Seaward Quest X3. It was the fastest ever finish by a kayaker (only one other kayaker has ever completed the race). And only the second ever finisher to use human power only (no sail). The Quest performed excellently. The craftsmanship in the design and construction are evident. So a great big tip of my hat to you and your team. And my deepest thanks. When I was 8 miles into a 16 mile crossing and the wind and seas picked up, or battling against a headwind and current making slow but steady progress, I knew I could count on and rely on the boat. Thank you, and please keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to paddling many more Seaward kayaks in the future. " ~ Mat Pruis


*Colours on website are approximate and may not necessarily match those on actual product.