Seaward sets high standards in safety and has been an innovator in the industry with its SafeHatch System, Comfortcockpit, SRS, smartRudder and PaddlersideRDS systems. It’s latest innovation is a kink free skeg system developed for the Infiniti TX and soon to be in production for Nigel Foster kayaks and the Quantum.


Seaward's exclusive safeHATCH™ system provides you with three levels of security, offering greater peace of mind while paddling in conditions that might be catastrophic using other's hatch sealing systems. Seaward's safeHATCH™ system starts with the tethered outer hard fiber glass hatch, under this is the tethered neoprene hatch, these are both held in place by two separate shock cords with easy release tabs. In the unlikely event of loss or damage to either or both of these hatch covers, the shock cord system used to hold down the hatches can be re-routed around the fiber glass coaming to securely hold down any waterproof material such as your cockpit cover, standard on all Seaward kayaks. Seaward's safeHATCH™ system, three levels of protection and no tools or tape required.

Comfort and personal safety are high priorities for the Seaward Design Team. The comfort and fit of the seat is vitally important as paddlers spend many hours in their kayaks. Seaward’s Standard Seat Seaward has developed an anatomically contoured foam seat base, specifically designed for a kayaker. This foam `bucket’ is encased in a rip stop nylon cover closed by Velcro. This makes the seat base infinitely customizable by each paddler. Additional padding can be added in the seat area for more comfort and/or across the front of the seat base to support thighs and prevent the legs going to sleep. (A common complaint from paddlers). But if it is unclipped, it becomes an emergency paddle-float! Seaward’s pivoting and padded backrest provides support for the lower back and can be moved forward or backward by installing it into pre-drilled holes on the side flaps of the cockpit to ensure comfort and fit. An adjusting strap through the rear of the backrest controls the angle of the seatback and locks the backrest at the optimum angle for maximum comfort. Seaward’s Seat Options Some paddlers may prefer a solid formed bucket and Seaward will install this as a no cost option. Seaward will also fit a back band, again as a no cost option. These options must be ordered through your dealer when the kayak order is placed with Seaward Kayaks Manufacturing. Also available, for all Seaward's kayaks are waterproof cockpit covers (sold separately) to keep the inside of the boat clean and dry when not on the water. This cover can also double as an emergency hatch cover in conjunction with Seaward's safeHATCH™ system.

Seaward's exclusive Self Rescue System (SRS)™ provides you with two additional levels of recovery, in addition to your paddle float, should you get dumped into deep water. Firstly Seaward provides nylon rescue straps mounted on the deck just to the aft (at the rear) of the cockpit. Sliding your paddle under these straps at right angles to your kayak stabilizes the boat for deep water re-entry. After re-entry the paddle is easily released from the straps by pulling the bright red tab. Secondly, Seaward sews a paddle pocket into the underside of every high density foam seat bottom cushion for use as a secondary paddle float. Buckled to the bulkhead, for security and adjustment, the seat bottom is crafted using the highest quality foam and mold resistant nylon fabric.

Rudder systems have added a new level of safety and maneuverability to padding. Until recently, these advances came at the expense of solid knee bracing. No longer. Seaward Kayak's smartRUDDER™ system allow paddlers of all skill levels to firmly brace while retaining complete rudder control. The system works efficiently and simply by depressing the foot pedal to control the right or left movement of the rudder. Other manufacturers rudder systems require that you slide your foot forward or back to turn the rudder. Sliding your foot yields a mushy rudder feel and decreased stability. Seaward foot peddles adjust easily, with the flip a the trigger, located forward of the foot pedal, the pedals can be easily adapted for a comfortable, secure and solid feel. An optional sliding foot pedal system is also available to paddler or rental companies who frequently readjust the pedal distance. Seaward's rudders are hand crafted using anodized 5052 H32 hardened marine aluminum, UHMW plastic and stainless steel. Rudder cables are 3/32" stainless steel routed through low friction Teflon housings, that are glassed under the deck. Pulling one line deploys the rudder into the water. Pulling the other line returns the rudder to its fully stored position on the rear deck. For added security all Seaward kayaks are also equipped with a tie down bracket and securing strap located on the rear deck.