June 21, 2011

As we travel from coast to coast and meet paddlers from various backgrounds and skill sets, we are continually asked, “why choose a Seaward Kayak?”.

When we look across the beaches during symposiums and have the ability to see what other manufactures have to offer, it makes our explanation very easy. We truly believe that when a customer has the opportunity to compare a Seaward Kayak to the competition the answer is quickly defined.

At Seaward Kayaks we have been producing handcrafted kayaks for over 20 years in British Columbia, Canada. We have stayed true to our roots, our economy, our work force and most importantly to our customer.

We believe, that by keeping our production on North American soil, we have the ability to completely stand behind our product and truly help our customers in any time of need as we haven’t outsourced our manufacturing to another country overseas.

When you have the opportunity to look and compare a Seaward Kayak to other kayaks on the market you will be pleasantly surprised with our attention to detail.

We perform quality control inspections throughout each stage of the production process to ensure that every kayak we produce will exceed our customers expectations. We have such a strong belief in our product that all our fiberglass kayaks come with a lifetime transferable warranty.

We make all our kayaks one way…Loaded.. We believe that when you are making the investment for your sport you should have all the benefits that your kayak will offer.

Seaward kayaks have:

Outside seams joining the deck and hull with fiberglass

Fully fiber glassed bulkheads in our fiberglass kayaks

Self rescue system

Aluminum block mounted inside the kayak for a

Recessed hatches

Reflective nightline around the perimeter of the kayak

Sea Dog adjustable foot pedals

3/32” stainless rudder cables (the strongest in the industry)

Safe hatch system for hatch covers (triple protection)

You also can choose the color of your deck, hatches combing, seam and hull to completely personalize your kayak.

With all these standard features you will soon see that we take manufacturing kayaks very seriously for your enjoyment. We believe that the value for your dollar is of the utmost importance to us.

If you have not yet have the opportunity to view or paddle a Seaward kayak please contact us today. We are committed to building an extraordinary kayak for extraordinary people.


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