October 29, 2011

Jack Rosen of "Island Escapades"offers a testimonial of his "Vision".
"In 2011 I completed my second trip from Salt Spring Island to Alaska. I took a different Seaward Kayak this year and was totally impressed with my new boat. My client had a Seaward Tyee which performed extremely well and I took a Vision. I want to thank Seaward for getting this boat organized so quickly. I decided with less then 3 weeks before our departure date to change my old Seaward Quest with a new Vision and they had it specially outfitted and ready to go in less than a week! At one point in this trip I was forced to perform a rescue on my client in extremely rough seas and I don't know any other boat that could have performed so well in 20' breaking seas. I did not have to do any maintenance to either of these Seaward kayaks during the whole expedition. The full length keel strip really protected the boat during many rough landings. Thanks for the great service Seaward and the quality of your boats is very impressive!"


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