September 10, 2013

That little Cosma came home this evening. It washed up on a beach about a km away two years ago. It must have been shortly after it was stolen. It had the cockpit cover on the entire time.. It has been sitting abandoned on a rocky beach for two years as the neighbours in the area each thought it belonged to the other one.

It's been lashed by tides, driven against rocks, and pounded by the elements for two years. It looks a little rough, the rich yellow colour is a smidge lighter across the bow. There is a crack in the stern by the rudder where it looks like it was hit hard with something, It's scraped up and muddied up, but I put it beside the two-year-old Cosma this evening and it looks every bit as beautiful and seaworthy.

What a tough little boat. Those thermaforms are amazing. After two years, the neighbours near the kayak got to discussing it and discovered it didn't belong to any of them. They called the RCMP who tracked me down this evening.

None of my neighbours can believe it! Seawards are the only kayaks for me and I will be busy advertising for you for years to come when I tell other kayakers the story.

Thanks to Katherine Whitfield for this!


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