February 14, 2014

To those uninitiated in all things kayak manufacturing, it may not be obvious, but shipping kayaks is one of the toughest challenges we face in this business.

Kayaks are relatively big, certainly long and susceptible to damage. And gas is expensive!
Seaward ships our kayaks all over the world. We send them as far as Australia, Asia, Europe & the Caribbean.

For long distance trips we actually build a wooden crate to protect them and commonly use a big cardboard box for US stuff. And we wrap all our kayaks in thick foam & cardboard with a poly sleeve over it. Unfortunately this is sometimes still not enough.. But luckily breakage is rare.

Seaward does a lot of its own delivery runs with our truck and trailer. And we use a specialsed kayak shipping company too. Barges for kayaks to Alaska & Sea Cans as well.

So next time you see a fleet of kayaks on a trailer as you head down the highway - give a honk & remember - a lot of unseen work went in to making that happen!!


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