October 6, 2015

At Seaward Kayaks, we aim to offer outstanding customer service.
Thank you to Wade Allemand, for helping sum up our service standards.

"Good morning Jacquie,

Thanks for checking in. Yes, I spoke with Steve yesterday on the phone. He is taking care of it. I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with your customer service and willingness to stand behind your product. You should all be very proud because that kind of excellence went extinct eons ago. I would buy your kayaks even if they were only second best
wink emoticon
I have already bragged about your ethics to a couple of my kayaking buddies and submitted a review to paddling.net praising you guys…that’s how impressed I am…and here’s the kicker: I’m the national Service manager of the company I work for, so I know what I’m talking about.

Thanks again,
Wade J Allemand"


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