January 27, 2016

On July 1st, 2016 two young families will attempt to paddle the length of Canada’s largest and longest river, the mighty Mackenzie. Named Deh Cho, or “Big River,” by the Dene people, the free-flowing Mackenzie stretches 1750 kilometers from Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean and is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. A paddle journey down the Mackenzie would be a challenge for any explorer but for two young families with three kids in tow it promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

The Paddle to the Arctic expedition is thrilled to be partnered with Seaward Kayaks for their journey down the Mackenzie. Using three Seaward Passat G3 double kayaks and a Seaward Tyee single kayak the team knows the handcrafted detail and world class design of Seaward boats will afford them both speed and comfort without sacrificing stability and storage capacity.

Seakayaking is a sport catered to families. It’s dynamic and fun and allows families to explore the wilderness like few other activities can. This summer The Paddle to the Arctic expedition and Seward Kayaks will demonstrate how exciting and enriching a family seakayaking adventure can be as they paddle the length of Canada’s Mackenzie River. I hope you can join along!


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