October 7, 2016

Each kayak the team at Seaward creates is a testimony to 28 years of Commitment by a team of long term people to the best performance, quality, features and value for your investment. Seaward produces kayaks using the best available materials and products from North America. It's all in the details, from the smallest items to all the parts involved in a final product that withstands years of use in the toughest elements. Here are some reasons to consider Seaward as an investment for a kayak that will last a lifetime.

Lay-ups- Proprietary laminated materials including glass fiber, Kevlar or carbon are hand laminated to ensure structural integrity included reinforcement in critical stress areas.

Inside seams- Deck to hull seams are fully glassed inside and out to ensure your kayak never fails structurally and never leaks.(no foam or plastic)

Bulkheads- ALL bulkheads are made from fiberglass and fully glassed in place leaving no room for failure or leakage.

Steering- Rudder steering tubes are fully glassed into the kayak. (No snags or failure)

Hatch Systems- Hatches, hatch rims and cockpits are hand made in fiberglass and glassed into place for structural integrity.

Rudders- Rudders are made in house using t6061 aluminum and anodized to provide a lifetime of trouble free use.

Foot-rests/Steering- Seaward uses Smart track pro foot rest and rudder controls for ease of adjustment and function.

Build Details- Each kayak comes complete with painter/ tow line, rescue straps full rigging including reflective line for safety and a cockpit cover. We even supply a water bottle and a flag for transport :)
Our hatch system is not only the easiest, waterproof secure system including hatch tethers, the neoprene covers under the hatches are labeled to identify bow or stern and direction.

Seats-Seawards seats are formed in house. Careful attention has been used to ensure comfort and ease of adjustability. Our seats adjust laterally for support, the backrest pivots and was designed to provide excellent lumbar support.

Colors- Each kayak we build can be ordered in ANY color combination you choose.

Parts- All of our single kayaks have used the same parts for 28 years so it is always easy to replace a lost or broken part.
Every hatch fits every model in our line up.

There is so much more but the most important item is that you are dealing directly with myself (Steve) and my wife Jacquie for unprecedented service and purchasing a kayak that will last a lifetime, provide trouble free years of enjoyment and have an amazing ROI.


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