August 18, 2009

Keep up to date on the Seaward Kayaks Testimonials listed under each individual model. Feel free to add your own testimonial at any time, or just enjoy readiing the ones listed by Seaward owners.

"We were shuttled by an amazing young man named Heron who is a Seaward Outfitter. During our trip we heard of an amazing rescue that he had performed last year of a couple who had been caught in storm-forced winds on a 7 mile crossing of Juan Perez Channel in their Passat G3. We asked and Heron told us the series of events. He ended by saying that after so many hours in the water, unable to pump out their capsized kayak, it was amazing that the hatches were still dry. His conclusion was that Seaward water-tight hatches were a significant contributing factor to the young couple's survival."
Cam McCormick


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