October 28, 2009

About a year ago I bought my Pink Legend from Seaward in preparation for an upcoming expedition.

I completed that expedition this summer, paddling 1279 Nautical Miles from Galiano Is BC to Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay Alaska. It was absolutely a trip of a life time and I couldn't have been more grateful for my kayak. I became acutely aware of just how fortunate I had been to have a Canadian company with a Canadian factory and warehouse right on my doorstep. I appreciated being able to test a multitude of kayaks at the factory, being walked through the factory and all the production steps, being fit into my kayak to have custom bulk heads and the speed at which my kayak was built and ready for me. In addition I also contacted you for spare parts, which you happily provided, even making suggestions for additional repair kit items. Choosing a local Canadian company was a priority for me from a moral stand point, but it turns out it was one of the best decisions I made. My experience with you was quite the opposite to that of my expedition partner and the company she chose. She encountered countless quality issues, constant delays, and a complete breakdown in trust and loyalty.

The quality of craftsmanship was outstanding. I definitely put my boat to the test with over 100 days of constant use, carrying 200lbs of equipment and food, along the rugged coastline of Canada and Alaska. It never failed me. My hatches were always dry, the boat handled well in all conditions, loaded or unloaded, it stood up to the wear and tear of rocky beaches, surf landings and the 'occational' shallow rock... The small details such as the bungeed handles, clipped hatch covers and mounted foot pegs (with no holes through the boat below the water line) made it a pleasure to paddle and illustrated the thought that had gone into the boat design. The seat was surprisingly comfortable, in fact I think it is the most comfortable boat I have been in. I paddled entire days without getting out (over 7 hours strait). The only thing I would change is the depth of the skeg. Of course I don't know the complications of this from a design and construction standpoint, but in extreme weather conditions with strong winds and wind waves it would have been beneficial if the skeg had extended deeper into the water to further assist the boats tracking.

All in all, I love my boat. Thank you!

AND... the colour is fantastic! It definitely made an impression as I travelled up the coast!

Christine Hawes


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