January 19, 2010

Seaward Kayaks Glen Lush welcomes his Inukshuk Expedition team Members at the Seaward Kayaks Factory

Four men will be the first to kayak a demanding route through the Northwest Passage in one season; this journey is a 100% man-powered 2500 mile paddle over 85 Days. The aim of this expedition is to contribute to the state of knowledge regarding the amount, timing, and salinity of fresh water that fluxes from the Arctic Ocean through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago towards the North Atlantic. Go to http://www.inukshukexpedition.com/
to learn more.

This is a topical subject and the data collected during the expedition will help marine scientists gauge the effects of the ongoing change in the ocean/sea-ice/atmosphere system, its impact on the global climate and Arctic indigenous peoples who depend on the ecosystem for subsistence.

From front to back- Nigel Foster, David Thoms, Glenn Lush and Charlie Hunter.


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