November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010:
George River Canoe Camp completes it’s first season with a new fleet of Seaward Kayaks.
On the south eastern shore of Ungava Bay in Canada’s eastern arctic a new youth protection program was launched to get kids back out on the land. Kayaking is making a comeback in the arctic and the George River Canoe Camp is proud to report that Seaward played an important role in helping us to get started. They went far beyond supplying us with tough, durable boats. The team at Seaward helped at every stage of our development process. Owning Seaward Kayaks meant that we were exposed to a great wealth of knowledge and resources and for this we are very grateful.

Thank you Seaward for helping us to realize our dreams. Our Kayaks are hanging in a cold shed now and the students are dreaming of spring, when they will be back in the water as soon as the ice is out.


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