May 18, 2011

Seaward Kayaks Are Proud Sponsers and Will Be in Attendance at the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium at Thompson's West End in Washburn, Wisconsin, JUNE 16-19, 2011. The Symposium are raffling off a Seaward Kayaks Chilco X3 for the event.
For the 20th year or so, the Inland Sea Society is hosting the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium at Thompson's West End in Washburn, Wisconsin. Offering kayaking tours throughout the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, on water instruction, seminars, and entertainment, the Symposium promises a weekend of education, camaraderie and fun.

Each year the Symposium has a unique theme and this year we are excited by "French Connections." Expect a weekend of exploring the similarities between the Brittany Coast of France and the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior while paddling and learning and improving your kayaking techniques.

Gail Green, of Living Advenure in Bayfield has teamed up with her good friend Lucia Watson of Lucia's Restaurant in Minneapolis for an element of the full French experience. Watson introduced Gail to the Brittany Coast of France and together they noted the striking similarities in culture, geology and landscape. We will be welcoming French guides and friends who are not only avid paddlers, but they are committed to preserving the environmental integrity of the areas they frequent by educating others in the respectful care of places such as the Apostle Islands and the Chequamegon Bay.


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